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Welcome to Prestige Day School


Welcome to Prestige Day School a premier day school providing outstanding services to exceptional students.


Our mission is to provide a rewarding educational experience for all students in grades K-12, through preparation, consistent and honorable specialized instruction and behavioral practices.

Core Values

Excellence – Our staff and students agree to do everything with Excellence in mind. We strive to do our best every day for the safety of our students.

Caring – When staff treat students with kindness and caring, they provide the best environment for learning. Our staff care about their students’ safety, supervision and education.

Consistency – Providing a consistent and constructive routine for students allows for a comfortable and calm setting for all students. Our staff and teachers provide a consistent routine while individualizing schedules and routines for all students.

One Team – We are a small intimate group of teachers that work as One Team! We strive to encourage one another every day and provide each other and our students with a sense of comradery and team effort.

Proud to Accept ESA Program Students

The Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program is an account administered by The Arizona Department of Education that is funded by state tax dollars to provide educational options for qualified Arizona students. By opting out of the public school system, parents can seek a range of alternative educational services.