About Us

  • Mission-
  • Prestige Private Day School is committed to providing a safe learning environment that empowers all students to develop leadership, integrity, concern for others, the courage to accept challenges, and the curiosity to explore life-long learning.  We believe that our purpose is to educate all students to high ethical and academic standards so that they are prepared to be academically and professionally competitive in an ever-changing world. As well as exercising character development through caring, fairness, responsibility, respect, decision making, and citizenship.
  • Positive Youth Development

-Promoting positive relationships with peers
-Emphasizing youths' strengths
-Providing opportunities to learn and practice healthy behaviors
-Connecting youth with caring adults
-Empowering youth to assume leadership roles in programs
-Challenging youth in ways that build their competence
-Developing higher level of skills necessary to reduce risk level

  • Positive Skill Development Groups

The PSD Groups allow the students to talk about  problems, challenges, goals and helps identify a social skill that will help him replace the old, undesirable behavior, then practice role playing the skill in the group

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy

Thinking affects behavior
Thinking can be influenced
We can change how we feel and behave by changing what we think
At ROP/Prestige we utilize “T4C”  Curriculum

  • Aggression Replacement Training

Is a Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Program which improves social skill competence, moral reasoning, and character education and
allows students to better manage anger, and reduce aggressive behavior.

We use the PEACE4KIDS curriculum.