Program Options

Satellite Campus
In addition to traditional Off-Site campus we offer “Satellite Campus”, a school within a school.
Prestige was originally founded to provide Emotional Disability-Private (ED-P) Special Education Services for public school districts at our campus in Queen Creek, Arizona.
However, Prestige’ new “Satellite Campus” model can be utilized as well:

  • We offer our ED-P classrooms directly on public school sites.
  • We can provide Active Parenting classes
  • We provide this continuum of care to help reduce costs associated with tuition, related services, and transportation by educating students as close to their home as possible, which most importantly helps with transitioning.
  • We maintain student-to-staff ratio in all classrooms.
  • We provide students with inclusion opportunities not available when using a traditional ED-P off-site program.
  • We run ESY (extended school year) and we have Summer School Opportunities. If interested, please contact us at 480-203-7518.

We provide students a quicker transition to the mainstream

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